Project: Lixx Team


When you first meet Lizz, you notice either one of two things; her hair is wicked long, or she’s that girl that’s always front row, center. Okay, maybe just slightly left of center, so the mic stand doesn’t obstruct her view. To say she’s passionate about music would be to understate an obvious. Her love of Japanese culture intertwined with an artistic mind, easily drawn to the spectacle of the stage, landed her right in the heart of the J-Rock and Visual Kei scene. And while she’s not the one to bet on in a trivia contest, she’s the one you want right behind you, cheering you on. And so a mindset, driven to support the artists she loves, and give back for the music they create, she began Project: Lixx. Initially running solo, filling all roles (Jack of all trades, master of none!), her path lead her to meet like-minded individuals, who shared the same views and a truly wanted to put the music first. Her goal, to create a social media platform, across all regions, to make sure no fan goes uninformed, and no one person, goes without discovering that, which is J-Rock.


Kort has been writing for as long as she can remember. She is in love to the point of obsession with language and the written word; with its ability to bend emotions and create whole worlds from nothing, this passion comes second only to her love of music. She became aware of Japanese rock music in high school with bands like Dir en grey and X Japan, but it wasn’t until college when her world expanded past her home town borders that she really got in deep. With a look and sound like nothing she’d ever seen, Visual Kei enthralled and inspired her, appealing to her love of character and story. When she was approached by Project: Lixx, she saw an opportunity to bring her two passions together. Now a professional fangirl with a press pass, there is no show she won’t attend or sound she won’t explore, a J-rock junkie often traveling as far as her wallet will allow to get her fix.