The Weekly Quickie: Codomo Dragon, REIGN, Arlequin, DELUHI, UnRealistic, DADAROMA, SAVAGE, 2nd Awake, Astaria


The new year is kickin’ with new releases, starting with Codomo Dragon.  Their new maxi-single, WARUAGAKI, is set to release March 18 in, count ’em, FOUR types!  The release is followed by a tour starting at Nagoya ELL on March 21 and taking them through the month of April.  Check out that flashy new look.

One of my all-time favorites, REIGN, have also announced a new single along with their second one-man show.  Kaiho releases April 11 and the one-man will be held on the same day at Ikebukuro EDGE. 

Our fearless leader Lizz’s fav, Arlequin, have announced their 4th single release, Dilemma, on February 25.  They’ve also announced their first one-man tour starting on June 6 at Kanazawa AZ with the final at Shibuya Public Hall on August 9.  Check out the CM.  Looks pretty hot.

A release from the graveyard.  Disbanded group, DELUHI, have announced the release of a BEST album.  Called VANDALISM [∑], it is set to release March 25 and will contain remastered songs as well as all their PVs.  Pick it up through Braveman Records.

UnRealistic has announced the release of their second single, Ruler, set for February 4.  They have previews of all the songs up on YouTube, so definitely go check those out.

One of my favorite new bands to come out this year, DADAROMA, have announced the release of their first single in February.  No exact date and it is live limited, but we’re pumped nonetheless.  They have also announced their first anniversary one man to be held at Shinjuku BLAZE January 12, 2016.  Talk about being ahead of the game.

I’ve got a couple of sucks for you this week, starting with SAVAGE.  It seems bassist ENYA has decided to depart from the band due to personal circumstances.  The band will continue with lives as planned using a support bassist and have no intentions of stopping, so continue to support them.

Newcomers 2nd Awake are already suffering member drama.  Bassist Syun recently went MIA after embezzling ticket money from their sponsored live.  It seems he told the group he would return the money at all cost, but they have since been unable to contact him.  Needless to say, Syun has been dismissed and the band will continue with four members.

Now, for some good news.  Black Klaxon will be returning with a new guitarist and a new name!  They will now be going under the name Astaria and adding former Lost Valentine guitarist, Yuduki to the lineup.  According to guitarist, K.O.H., the new name will bring with it a ‘power up’ to the band’s music.  Their new OHP is already up and there is a music sample on it, so go check it out.

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And that’s the Quickie.  Peace Out!