Dan’s Pick: “Indigo La End”

     Welcome back! 15th. Dan’s Pick.

  You remember last week’s pick, right? Well while I was watching some of their other videos, something on the sidebar caught my eye. So I clicked it. Let me say, I wasn’t too disappointed with the random click.

  Indigo La End, comprised of: Kawatani Enon (guitars + vocals), Curtis Nagata (guitar), Ohta Yuusuke (drums), and Kotori Ryosuke (support bass) are a what I would say an indie/rock/pop band formed on the 4th of November, 2012.

  The song I entered into was 名もなきハッピーエンド from their mini album “Ano Machi“. What first caught me were the guitars. A cooling, crisp tone that makes me imagine riding my bike through some city on a sunny mid Summer’s day. Trees and grass are green, flowers in full bloom, the whole shebang. I really love the riff through the whole song. They’re very upbeat and energetic. The bass is a constant fun groove, which also makes me very happy. I love good bass. I was also drawn in by Kawatani’s vocals. The pace he sings his lyrics kept me interested. Not that its anything crazy or fresh, just liked it. Also, his voice has a sweetness behind it. High pitched and tender, you know? Without a doubt a great first song to listen to from these guys.

Indigo La End “名もなきハッピーエンド