The Weekly Quickie: Sophia-sama, Sukekiyo, Yousei Teikoku, Naniwa VKei Rengougun

As you may already know, ex-Bloodstain Child vocalist Sophia-sama’s new project, Season of Ghosts, has just completed recording on their debut album, Human Paradox.  This album will feature a collaboration with Mejibray guitarist, MiA.  This isn’t the first time the two have traded talents.  Sophia-sama lent her voice to the Mejibray track, Die Kusse, released February of last year. There’s no release date as of yet, but trust me, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for this one

Speaking of cool collaborations, guitarist Takaha of pop-metal group Yousei Teikoku will be remixing a song on super-band Sukekiyo’s debut album, Immortalis.  Sukekiyo consists of Dir en grey’s Kyo, 9GOATS BLACKOUT’s Uta, Kannivalism’s Yuchi and Rentrer en Soi’s Takumi and Mika, which pretty much makes them my favorite project ever. Pre-order it here!

What happens when you get a bunch of people together who’s only thing in common is their funny accents and a love for Visual Rock?  Naniwa VKei Rengougun!  Visual Kei bands of the Kansai region are uniting to promote the power of the Kansai-originated bands with a collaboration album and live at Osaka BIG CAT on July 4th.  Bands participating include Crimson Shiva, Zin, tatoeba konna hanashi, BIOSPHIA, FEST VAINQUEUR, Minus Jin-say Orchestra, Lin -the end of corruption world-, LUCHe, the Raid, RevleZ and Royz.  The album is NOT a compilation, but will include ALL NEW SONGS from these bands, so don’t miss it!

So, I think I’ll end this Quickie with a new band recommendation.  And that band is…

REIGN!  Former AND Eccentric Agent vocalist, Ikuma, and drummer, Kaji, are joined by newcomers Nagi, Ryuzi and Tano to form a new band with a dark, riotous sound that is sure to set any loud-kei fan’s heart pounding.  The band has been performing steadily since their inception and their first single, Giwaku, shows us in three songs just what this band is capable of.  From the dark and melodious Death WaltZ to the cacophonous Rasetsu (that drum line omg!), their new but strangely familiar sound shows great promise.  Giwaku is the first of five promised releases.  I can’t wait to see what comes next! Go get it here!

And that’s the Quickie!  Peace out!