Stylish Wave COUNTDOWN ’14-’15 on NICO NICO LIVE 12/31

If you’re like me and not in Japan for New Years, here’s the next best thing! Stylish Wave will be airing their year end count down through NICO NICO. You need to register to watch, but registration is free! Make sure you don’t miss your favorites. The set times are below in JST!

[- Time Table -]
15:30-15:50 えんそく
16:05-16:25 黒百合と影
16:40-17:00 DuelJewel
17:15-17:35 LUCHe.
17:50-18:10 アルルカン
18:25-18:45 BORN
19:00-19:25 GIGAMOUS
19:40-20:05 Moran
20:20-20:45 RoNo☆Cro
21:00-21:25 the Raid.
21:40-22:05 Jin-Machine
22:20-22:45 Jupiter
23:05-23:30 GOTCHAROCKA
23:50-24:15 Lycaon(カウントダウン)