It’s another week, which means another quickie.  I’ve got some exciting stuff for you.

BREAKERZ announced their comeback not too long ago, and to sweeten the deal, they’ve made their comeback live completely free!  The live will take place on May 20 to coincide with their comeback single release, WE GO, but venue and further details have not yet been announced.

I’ve got a couple of cool overseas live announcements for you, starting with the appearance of GACHARIC SPIN at JPOP SUMMIT 2015 in San Francisco, CA.  The festival takes place August 7-9 and the girls will be playing the main venue, Fort Mason Center.  They will also hold a sign and handshake session where they will meet with fans and sign original goods.  Weekend passes are $35 until June 30, so make sure to get your passes early.

Next up is a group that makes my toes tingle, G.L.A.M.S.  Announced via Mikaru’s official Facebook, G.L.A.M.S. will be holding their second EU tour this summer.  We’re still waiting on the details, but I am already seething with jealousy.  And, have we mentioned that Mikaru appears in the latest issue of VYPER?  Yeah, you should get that.

And, a but of a bummer for the foreign VK scene, Swedish visual band, Kerbera, has been forced to cancel their US tour.  Vocalist SEIKE released a statement on his official facebook stating that, due to circumstances out of their control, they have to cancel, but the band will be in LA from late April to early May and hope to schedule at least one meet and greet event while they’re there.  In the meantime, they are not giving up, so keep an eye out for future US dates.

Since we’re on sucks, here’s another one.  VIVRA VIVRA have decided to call it quits due to musical differences after their last live on May 19.  They have also canceled the release of their first mini-album originally scheduled for the following day. 


Vocalist, Ricky, of MICRO HEAD4NS announced this week that he will be stepping aside as the band’s vocalist.  Apparently balancing his time between his solo work and the band has just become too much, taking a strain on both the band and his voice, so he’s decided to do what he feels best for the group and step down.  On the upside, they have decided to release a single, titled Ikareta Riaru, and a live DVD, A BEGINNING FROM THE END. -Diverge-, on May 14.

Back to the good news, Liplich has announced the release of two live-limited singles to be distributed during their conceptual live series, Use My Illusion.  During this three concert series, the band promises to show you a different side of Liplich.  The first single, Cult Nadeshiko, will be sold at the May 10 show at Theater 1010 and SEX PUPPET ROCK’N’ROLL will be available on May 24 at Shinjuku BLAZE.  Liplich’s next regular release, SKAM LIFE, is set for release sometime in June.

And that’s the Quickie.  You know you like it.