We are very glad to announce that our new EP is going to be out on February 14th from our own label ‘bonjin_records‘. This is a year and 7 months after the last release ‘Allergies’ mixed by Fernando Lodeiro (Vampire Weekend, Paul McCartney, Franz Ferdinand, The Arctic Monkeys) & mastered by Oscar Zambrano @ Zampole Studio.

The title is ‘5 – 1 + 1 =‘. 
This CD will only be sold at gigs and bandcamp after February 14th for everyone outside Japan. Samplers of all songs are available at http://www.mothercoat.com/en. These CDs are a limited edition of 511 pieces from the title of the EP, so we strongly recommend you to get it soon after the release date before it is sold out.

Link to bandcamp page (‘5 – 1 + 1 =’ will be available after February 14th on bandcamp.) http://mothercoat.bandcamp.com

[EP Specifications]
– 3tracks CD
– title: 5 – 1 + 1 =
– model number: BJR-A004
– release date: bonjin_records
– selling agency: bonjin_records
– price: 1000 yen (tax in)
–  songs:
    1.    nipple cider
    2.    misync
    3.    trickster

[NEW! Official MV ‘trickster’]

[Band Biography]
Since 2002 with several member changes, mothercoat have developed a cult following across the UK, America and Canada where they have toured extensively and played several showcase gigs at the SXSW and Rockness festival. In regular demand at big venues across Japan, they are quirky, innovative and exhilarating. If you haven’t already seen them, you undoubtedly should.

Their music have been found worldwide for great commercial use such as in a film “LOST ON THE B SIDE”(US), in the World No.1 snowboarder’s DVD “Ultimate Ride: Shaun White”, appeared in TVCM of Spanish broadband communication and entertainment company “ONO” and being a character of iPhone App Game “Band Boss” as a representative of Japanese bands.

From 2012 mothercoat sets its basis on Fukaya-City in Japan with a private studio and a vegetable field to devote itself into music even more. They’re looking forward to getting to meet partners to release/promote/booking them internationally. 
[official web site] http://www.mothercoat.com/en
[mailto] info@mothercoat.com
[twitter] http://twitter.com/mothercoat
[Tour Information]

- 2/8(Sat) Shinjuku MARZ (Tokyo)
– 2/14(Fri) Shinsaibashi Pangea (Osaka)
- 2/15(Sat) Kitahorie club vijon (Osaka)
– 2/16(Sun) Nijo GROWLY (Kyoto)
– 2/18(Tue) Shinsakae CLUB ROCK’N’ROLL (Naogya)
– 2/19(Wed) Kichijoji Planet K (Tokyo)
– 2/24(Mon) Kumayaga mortar records (Saitama/gigadylan’s solo)
– 3/14(Fri) Austin, TX SXSW Official Showcase@Elysium from 01:00 AM to 01:50 AM