1. June
    2015-07-03 @ 00:45

    I’m a huge fan of the Gallo of over 3 years and I thought your review was really spot-on! These guys don’t get nearly enough credit for their awesome, unique music. In your next video, if possible, it might be helpful to insert short clips of the songs — or links directly to the Youtube vids where people can listen to all of the previews (though I understand editing capabilities can be limited). I look forward to future reviews on them! It always makes me happy to see other people who want to support them~

  2. Kort
    2015-07-03 @ 22:03

    Thank you so much for your comment! Those are all great suggestions. I actually did try to edit in the music to play in the background of the vid, but I couldn’t get the sound mix right. The music was either too loud to hear the commentary or completely muted. If these vids catch on (and I hope they do), I will certainly consider investing in better software so I can make higher quality videos for you guys. ~Kort

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