They’re back! After the devastating news to myself and fellow agents last spring, Ikuma and Kaji announced their formation of a new band, REIGN. Let’s just say I was beyond eager to hear what the new sound would be like. Their first single was released 2014.01.31 after a slight delay. Though live-limited in it’s release, the admins of the REIGN Fanpage were kind enough to take orders and make sure the fans around the world were able to get their hands on a copy. 

Track 1. Death waltZ

This is the song that plays at the opening of the teaser video above. The title appropriate to the sound of the music that follows, a gothic music-box like arrangement. For some reason I am brought to my memories of Still Doll (by Kanon Wakeshima), although I am not sure why, perhaps simply because of the similar flow and dark imagery this brings to mind. The melody is haunting and breathes with a pulse that suits Ikuma’s vocal style perfectly. I find myself wanting more. I am only disappointed in that there is no full MV to accompany this track. The teaser remains as just that. I think this is my favorite track… yes I think so.

Track 2. 羅刹 (らせつ,  rasetsu)

Where as Death waltZ lures us in, 羅刹 greets us without preamble. Fast, aggressive and relentless in pace, we are shown the hunger this young band has. In the first track Kaji’s drumming takes a back seat, not now. It is out in full force here and he does not disappoint. For a band that has just started playing together, they sound fantastic together.

Track 3. バイオレンス ハレルヤ (violence alleluia)

This track continues on the aggressive, but with a more electronic sound. You get the sense that the band is showing you how much there is and how much more there will be. This is the track that reminds me the most of AND and yet so much has changed. Nagi, TANO, and Ryuji definitely bring their own sound into play and I look forward to the further influence they will have.

疑惑 is the first of a series of 5 releases. The second release “究明 (Kyumei – Discovery)” is due out April 16th. To say I look forward to it is an understatement. And you can bet I will be posting about it once I get my copy. Remember you can get your copy by messaging the admins of the REIGN fanpage, don’t miss out!

By Lizz Wilson