The Weekly Quickie: Kyo, Blu-BiLLioN, D.I.D., Shounenki, FLOW, JILUKA

kyo geshou

I’ll start off this week with the master of, well, everything, Dir en grey frontman, Kyo.  As most hardcore DEG fans probably already know, Kyo has been hard at work on another poetry anthology.  Titled Gasou no Shi, the book is slated to release in limited quantities in late August with a deluxe edition including a 200-page, full color, hardbound anthology and a DVD containing a personal interview with Kyo that will run you about 8500yen.  You can reserve your copy here starting tomorrow.  If you happen to be in Japan, check out Kyo’s one man exhibition at GALLERY LE DECO held August 19-23 where you can pick up an early copy.  Check the homepage for further details.

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