The Weekly Quickie: HOLY DISBANDMENTS!, BugLug, Dir en grey, LUNA SEA, LIPHLICH, RoyZ, Wagakki Band, Scandal, SANA, SuG, Broken Doll


The suck has been real this past couple of weeks, folks, so I’m going to speed through it as fast as I can.  Disbandments are, unfortunately, a part of life as a VK fan, but the recent string of departures has hit the entire community hard.  Not one, but four great bands will be leaving us in the coming months:  Girugamesh (July 10), Screw (November 1), DOAK (August 20), and The 3rd Birthday (May 22).  It is always sad to see bands go, but this particular round has many fans wondering about the state of the scene as a whole.  It’s true the scenery has changed quite a bit in the past year and the absence of Jrock staples like Girugamesh and Screw will only highlight that change, but I remain optimistic.  New bands are popping up faster than they can be knocked down and I’m sure the next great one is in there somewhere just waiting to be discovered.  In the meantime, let’s show these guys some love and support them until the end.

That wasn’t so bad, right?  Like pulling off a bandaid.  Made of duck tape.  Sealed with superglue.  Yikes.


A bit of scary news from BugLug this week as they’ve been forced to suspend activities due to injuries sustained by vocalist Issei during a fall down the stairs.  He sustained a serious head injury and was rushed to the ER where he underwent emergency surgery.  We haven’t received any information on his current condition, but we’ll be sure to keep you informed as things develope.  All scheduled shows have been postponed until further notice and instore events canceled. More