Support Us, Buy Our Merch, Get Even More J-Rock!

Calling all J-Rock fans!
We are super stoked to offer you our first designs hot off the drawing board! Whether you’re north or south of the world’s largest shared border, you can show off your love of J-Rock to the world!
These designs are available as of NOW though Teepublic. If you grab one within the first 72 hours it’s only $14!!! After that they’re $20-$22, still an awesome deal. 
Aside from showing off how stylish you are, you’ll be directly supporting us and the Japanese musicians we promote. All proceeds from these purchases go back into Project: Lixx allowing us to support the bands, sponsor events and bring you even more concert coverage from all across North America. So what are you waiting for? Click the link, share far and wide, and get your J-Rock on!
American J-Rock Fan Merch!
Canadian J-Rock Fan Merch!