Fashion Fraction: Convention Fashion [Shumatsucon]

Hello and welcome to another installment of Project: Lixx’s Fashion Fraction.

Back in July, I provided you an introduction into fashion represented at conventions; if you missed that article, you can read up on it here.
As a small restate, fashion has its premise at Japanese Pop Culture conventions just as much as anime and manga- with there being many panels, events, and even special guests related to the fashion industry.
February 27 through March 1, I was at a brand-spankin’ new convention here in Columbus, Ohio known as Shumatsucon! This was its first year running and already I have high hopes for the baby convention!

While at Shumatsu, I met 2 of the most adorable and polite fashionistas- Kitsune Fantasy and Kawaii-Infected. I had seen them walking around on the Saturday of the convention in some seriously awesome decora/fairy kei co-ords but unfortunately wasn’t able to snap a photo. On Sunday, I found them in the bathroom (of all places) and got to talking- it was then I asked if I could feature them for the Shumatsucon version of Convention fashion!

Kitsune Fantasy:
Dress: Bodyline
Shoes: Forever 21
Tights: Tights by Cordelia
Jewelry: thrifted or handmade
Wig: local wig store for $10 USD!
I spoke to her briefly on what her favourite style is and why she loves to wear it, she said: “Fairy Kei and Sweet Lolita. It makes me feel super cute and I want to spread the message that you can be plus sized in this community and still be cute!”
I love her co-ord and what she had to say. When she told me her dress was Bodyline, I nearly lost my breath for a moment. When I first got into Japanese fashion, I heard of Bodyline being associated mostly with the likes of the amazing DJ Sisen. However, I also heard how “fatphobic” they were and it made me lose hope in ever buying from the brand but, after speaking to Kitsune Fantasy, I got up the courage again to look into buying clothes from them and already have a building wish list in my size!
I have to comment how I love that her shoes are from Forever 21. I plan to do an article in the future talking about “mall stores” and the like and how you can find pieces for a wardrobe that may just be Japanese inspired. I’m in love with her tights since they are, indeed, Sailor Moon referenced and I’m a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. I love seeing co-ords that are inspired by the series. If you are interested in a pair for yourself, go here.
Kitsune Fantasty also told me that she is looking into starting her own jewelry line be it on Etsy or StoreEnvy. So I shall have to keep a look out on that!

Top/Skirt: Holley Tea Time
Waist Cincher: eBay
Shirt: Rainbow (obscure local store)
Shoes: thrift store
Wig: eBay
Headband: artist alley at a convention
Socks: SockDreams
I also asked the same question and received this answer, “pastel goth is my favourite. It reminds me of the goth stuff I loved as a child but, as I grew up, I got cutsey. I love the mixture of the two and it makes me feel pretty.”
Now, I had seen this pastel goth print on Pinterest awhile back and told myself “I need this!” being that I just got the fascination with this fashion genre. So, if you too are like me and want the print, be sure to check out Holley Tea Time.
I love how both of these fashionistas thrifted parts of their outfits- bringing forth that I will have an article in the future touching on how to thrift for your fashion.
Now… I have to mention SockDreams. I have experienced this store personally when I was searching for stockings to cosplay the character Stocking from Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt. They are fantastic quality and never have I thought I’d love a place that specializes in something that I once deemed so trivial as socks! But seriously give them a look through!
And that’s it for this version of Convention Fashion! Be sure to keep following all Fashion Fraction articles here on Lixx if you are a fan as well as just generally following Lixx on Blogspot, Twitter, Facebook and many more!
I will supply a list of conventions which I will definitely be at and will be on the look out for any fashionistas that may want featured on the blog!
Animarathon: Bowling Green State University ( specifically the Bowen Thompson Student Union); Bowling Green, Ohio – March 21
Ikasucon: Grand Wayne Convention Center; Fort Wayne, Indiana – July 10 – 12
Midoricon: Maumee Bay State Park Lodge; Oregon, Ohio – September 25 – 27