The Weekly Quickie: ONE OK ROCK, heidi., Arlequin, The GALLO, VAMPS

Cool news for our friends in Tailand!  ONE OK ROCK‘s new documentary FOOL COOL ROCK, releasing on November 12, will be playing on the big screen!  For two days only, October 18-19, the documentary will be playing at Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon, Bangkok for two showings per day.  This is a great opportunity to check it out before it releases, so don’t miss it!

Heidi just announced they will be appearing at Pacific Media Expo in LA!  The event will be held on Veteran’s Day weekend, November 7-9 at Hilton Los Angeles Airport.  This event will showcases music, fashion, cosplay and more from Japan and Korea.  Registration for both days is only $40 until September 25, so hurry up and grab your tickets!

It looks like those crazy kids in Arlequin will be releasing a new album.  Details are sparse and unconfirmed, in fact all I have is a release date of November 12, but we are super excited!  Did you catch their last one?  Their latest single, Hakaana, released July 30 and we love it.  We have a full review coming soon, so keep an eye out!

Another new release that personally has me stoked is The GALLO.  This is a band that has been on the scene for awhile but has only just reached my radar…and made it explode.  I love these guys.  It seems all their previous releases have been live-distributed only but their newest one, NERO, will be available world wide.  Can you hear me screaming?  You can hear me screaming, can’t you.

VAMPS has announced a new release just in time for Halloween.  Titled Bloodsuckers, it is set to drop on October 29 and will include tracks from their already released singles, AHEAD/REPLAY and GET AWAY/JOLLY ROGER and Vampire’s Love which releases Oct 8.  You can check a preview of Vampire’s Love on their official YouTube channel.

Speaking of new releases, did you notice that new thingy in the sidebar?  Poke it.  You know you want to.  We’ve put together a releases and events calendar for you guys, complete with track lists and purchase links.  See something coming up you don’t want to miss?  Hit the import button at the bottom of the entry and it will show up in your personal calendar.  We even have a link you can bookmark or share with your friends.  Events listed will focus mainly on North American events and major lives.  We will be keeping this as up to date as possible, but if you see something we missed, don’t be afraid to let us know!

And that’s the Quickie.  Toodles.