The Weekly Quickie: My Bacteria Heat Island, Plastic Tree, ONE OK ROCK, AKi, DaizyStripper, REDRUM, FIXER, LUCHe.

We’ve got a lot of new releases announced this week, starting with My Bacteria Heat Island.  At their one man live at Takadanobaba AREA, they announced they will be releasing a new mini-album in April 2015.  No exact date or title as of yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.  They also announced their next one man taking place at AREA on July 20.

Plastic Tree will be releasing a live DVD on February 11.  Titled Kessei 20 Shunen “Jyunen” Tour “Soshite Parade wa Tsuzuku” Tsuika Koen Shibuya Kokaido it will feature their live held at Shibuya Public Hall on October 19.

ONE OK ROCK has also announced the release of their seventh album 35xxx on February 11.  The Limited Edition will include a DVD featuring a studio acoustic session and will run you 3150yen.

Remember that mysterious “unidentified new artist” Dangercrue teased us with last week?  Well, all has been revealed.  SID’s bassist, AKi, has announced he’s going solo!  His first solo album, ARISE, releases January 28 and features lyrics and vocals by AKi.  His first solo live, titled “A Feeling Begins to Arise,” will be held at Tsutaya O-East on February 3.

XENON LA has announced another livestreaming event, this time with Daizy Stripper.  Chat with the band via Skype and take part in a Cure Magazine snap shot session before the show.  The event starts at 8PM and is totally free, so head down to Little Tokyo in your best Jrock gear and Japanese street fashion and rock out!

I’ve got a couple of bummers for you.  REDRUM recently announced their disbandment following their live on February 27 citing musical differences.  To be honest, this doesn’t really surprise me given their recent lineup problems (they were done when they lost Zaku if you ask me), but it’s disappointing all the same.  Guitarist Kaname, who was originally slated to leave after their live on December 15, has decided to stick it out until the end and the band will at least finish with all their members.

FIXER bassist Makoto has announced he will be leaving the group and retiring from music after their live at Shinjuku RUIDO on January 14.  He states that the image of a bassist doesn’t fit his current outlook…whatever the heck that means…so he’s decided to stop all musical activities.  Anyone else seeing a pattern?

You may remember about a month ago, we reported on LUCHe guitarist, Hikaru’s, break from activities due to illness.  Well, it seems he has decided to leave the band for good.  Hikaru will depart after their live in Shibuya on January 31.  There’s no indication on whether this decision has to do with his health or if he’s just decided to move on, but either way, we wish him the best.

And, on a more personal note, the Quickie will be taking a bit of a hiatus as I will be in Japan starting December 25!  Not to worry, I won’t be gone long.  I return on January 9 and I’m sure I will have LOADS of stories to tell!  I will be posting as regularly as possible on my social media accounts, so feel free to follow me on Twitter or Tsu to keep track of what I’m up to!

And that’s the Quickie!  Sayonara!