The Weekly Quickie: BIOSPHIA, ViViD, CELL, Vent Croix, Minori, Tokami

 I hate to say it, but I’ve got a whole bunch of bad news for you this week.  To start things off, the disbandment of BIOSPHIA.  The band released a brief statement on Tuesday announcing that they will disband following their one-man live on April 2 at Osaka MUSE.  No official member comments as of yet, just a few apologetic and very disappointed tweets.  Their latest single, Suicidal Diva, coincidentally released the same day as the announcement and there don’t appear to be plans for any further releases.

Next up is the unfortunate announcement of the cancellation of ViViD‘s one-man show in Mexico.  Vocalist Shin made the following statement in English via Twitter:  “Unfortunatly, we had to decide to cancel our live concert in Mexico.  We have tried so hard until the end to tried to make this trip to work out, but we had to make the decision to cancel due to safety reason.  We feel really unfortunate that we had to cancel the tour over time but we will promise u all to perform a awesome live when we make it next time!”  The band was forced to cancel due to a protest movement happening in Mexico city.  They hope to reschedule once the protest dies down and it is safe for their visit.  Check the artist homepage for more details and refund information.

And another disbandment….maybe?  CELL members recently announced via their official blogs that they will be halting all band activities following their one-man live at Ikebukuro EDGE on January 18.  They didn’t exactly use the “D” word, so we’re hoping it’s just a hiatus, but no official announcement has been posted on the ohp as of yet.  I’m choosing to think positive.
Vent Croix has also announced an end to band activities following their fourth anniversary live on January 29 at Nagoya MUSIC FARM.  Presale tickets for this show sold out in 30 minutes, so if you are thinking of going to this show, don’t wait!  Get your tickets now!
Alright, how about some positivity!  Shironuri icon, Minori, announced the opening of her online webshop starting December 1 at 11AM JST!  You can find the shop at Qualia Junction and you will be able to purchase a few of her signature items including her limited edition broaches. 
Tokami has finally announced the release of a new single titled Luminescence on January 21.  The single is limited to 1000 copies and will include a 3-track CD and a DVD with the PV for their fan favorite, “Addicted Lover.”  They will hold a live to commemorate the release on December 17 at Ikebukuro CYBER.
And that’s the Quickie.  <3 <3 <3