The Weekly Quickie: MORAN, Crimson Shiva, JILKA, WHITE JUDAS, ViX, Alice 9

I’m late, I know!  A-kon happened!  Better late than never, eh?  Well, sort of.  Looks like I’ll be starting off with a stream of sucks, so hold on tight.

The first just announced yesterday and hit like an anvil.  Moran has announced their disbandment following their live on September 21.  After member losses and a planned hiatus, I guess it doesn’t come as too big of a surprise, but it still hurts.  The band still has a one-man tour coming up, so make sure to support them until the end.

It looks like Crimson Shiva is up for a member change.  Drummer, Aki, has decided to leave the band after a specially scheduled live on May 30.  It turns out he suffers from a congenital illness called Poland Syndrome that means he has significantly less muscle in the pectorals on his right side.  This condition has caused him many problems due to the overuse of his right side and so he has decided to call it quits.  The rest of the band will continue on as a four member group.

Project JILKA is also suffering from member illness, deciding to call it quits after only a short run.  Bassist Sana suffers from Meniere’s Disease, a disease that effects the inner ear.  While he thought he had it under control, it seams to have relapsed and he feels the best thing to do is stop activities until he can find a better way to manage his illness.  Vocalist Naoki plans to remain active, though, so keep an eye out for him in future projects.

On to better news, ex-ViViD vocalist Shin has reemerged with a new project called WHITE JUDAS.  They only have one live scheduled so far, a performance at V-Nation on August 5, and no previews as of yet, but we are definitely excited about this one.  You can find WHITE JUDAS on Twitter, but they have been pretty secretive so far.

Shin isn’t the only one up to new things.  ex-ViViD drummer Ko-ki also has a project in the works.  The project is called ViX and is made up of Kazuki of REALIVE, Nao of Daizy Stripper, and ex-vNeu Hixro.  Ko-ki has also started his own company called Jace, which stands for Japan Active Creation Entertainment.  I am really looking forward to big things from him soon!

Alice 9 have announced a new fall tour that will take them throughout Asia and Japan, including an appearance at V-Nation on August 5.  The tour will take place throughout September and October and tickets are now on sale for these shows as well as their 11th Anniversary live through their website.

And, that’s the Quickie!  Ciao!