JRock Karaoke World Contest!

This is Japan is holding a Jrock Karaoke contest!  This contest is open to EVERYONE, whether you are a lone vocalist, in a band, or just love belting out Buck Tick’s Dress in the shower (you know who you are).  The only requirement is that you are non-native singing a Jrock song.  The winner gets a black Kewpie doll specially designed for this contest by Takayoshi Ono.  The contest deadline is 9/30, so pull out your microphones, dust off your webcams and get singing!

Contest Time:  9/1 00:00AM – 9/30 11:59PM Japan Time
1. Must be Japanese Rock Songs (including Visual-kei, Metal, Anime if it rocks!) such as B’z, X-Japan, LA’rc~en~Ciel, GLAY, Luna Sea, Dir en Grey, BOWY, Kyousyuke Himuro, Gazette, Aikawa Nanase, T.M. Revolution, Nana Mizuki, Sham Shade, Gakct, Mr. Children, Southern All Stars, Sug, Muccu, Miyavi, JUDY AND MARY, Kageyama Hironobu and etc.

2. Must be non-native Japanese

3. One person can post up to 3 Songs