Shibuya Crossing Episode 035 LIVE Wednesday July 16th!

IN LIVING TECHNICOLOR. This week’s theme will take you on a journey to savor every delicious color of the rainbow – of J-Music that is. 
We’re kicking off the show with a different mix this time as we begin from the world of electro-pop, and then we slowly segue into the indie Oshare-Kei universe. The music of BugLug, Comodo Dragon, capsule and Immi will top the shortlist. It will be very flavorful for the ears, guaranteed! 
Following that, we kick it up a notch with some spice and some a dash of nostalgia, as rock icons LUNA SEA take on this week’s Artist Spotlight. As an added bonus, we’re also spinning a new track from a local J-Music talent who has an impeccable ear for good sound. 
We wrap up the show with special treat! Following the launch of the 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, we’re playing music from two Japanese films that will screen during the opening weekend. Find out as we unravel these tracks, plus a few surprises on the side, all on Episode 035 of Shibuya Crossing.  
Wednesday, July 16th at 1pm EST at (1690AM in Montreal), and 3pm on demand at
Twitter: @SHIBUYA1690