Fashion Fraction: July 1 News

Hey guys, like the new site? I know I do~!

For the new and improved Project: Lixx, I’ll be doing 2 monthly news reports on all things fashion related! So here is your first (and awesome) Fashion Fraction News report! I’ll be covering fashion related events at conventions in North America, releases/news from awesome brands, and much more!

News Coverage: July 1 – July 14


[Anime Expo]


July 2 – 5

This one is super soon and I hope many of you are going so I can live through you in spirit because this is the one I am most excited for! H. Naoto will be back with his amazing clothing line and spectacular fashion show. This isn’t unheard of if you venture the con-scene rather often.   H. Naoto has had booths as many conventions and has run a bunch of fashion shows as well but… the awesome part that has me stoked? Shinya (drummer of Dir en Grey) will also be there, modeling in the fashion show!

Junnyan and Kimura-U will also be in attendance at AX this year! If you don’t know who either are, Kimura-U is a fantastically cute model for the fashion magazine KERA whom also helps create much of the odd and colourful fashions of Harajuku and Junnyan is the founder of Harajuku Fashion Walk and runs his blog, “Harajuku Kids,” where he posts photos of some of the amazingly fashionable individuals roaming Harajuku. He has also modeled for KERA magazine and even has hosted as a DJ during events in Harajuku.

For more info- head to Anime Expo’s official website: